What You Need to Know

Do you offer garages and race ports?
To reserve a garage or race port for OK Gold Rush, contact Hallett Motor Raceway (918) 356-4384.

Is camping allowed near the track?
Camping is allowed near the track, and you can choose from primitive camping to 50 amp hook-ups. Contact Hallett Motor Raceway to learn how to get electrical hook-ups. Bathrooms with showers are also available.


Will there be food?
There is a restaurant located at the track tower that serves breakfast and lunch. We also serve early dinner if you get to the restaurant soon enough.

Is there any practice?
No, we never have practice for the Gold Rush event. We don’t even start laying out the track until a couple of weeks before the event. Some of the riders sign up for one of the events on Saturday, so they can get used to the track. We do not change the track between Saturday and Sunday. So if you ride both days, you will have an advantage over somebody on Sunday who didn’t race on Saturday. 

I have never done this race before. How should I set up my bike or quad?
Out of an estimated 8 to 11 mile track, you only spend a little over a mile on the asphalt road course. We recommend leaving the bike set up for dirt since that’s where you are going to spend most of your time.

How many people make up a team?
There are two persons per team. 

Do you have to use the same bike in the team race?
Each person in the team race can ride their own  or you can ride one; it’s completely up to you.

Do you have to alternate every lap on the team race?
That is totally up to your team on how you switch off riders. You can have a guy ride two and half hours and the other guy ride a half hour. You can switch every lap if you wish. That’s completely at your own discretion depending on what you and your teammate want to do.

Can I pre-enter for this race?
NO! There is NO pre-registration for this event.

What if it rains or the weather is bad?
We run rain or shine!


If you are not fond of camping, there are hotels close to the GOLD RUSH event, so there's no need for you to worry about where you are going to stay. We are approximately 45 minutes away from Sand Springs, Oklahoma.


The following hotels are close to our venue, so call and ask for race rates:


Holiday Inn Tulsa City Center
(918) 585-5898
17 W 7th Street, Tulsa, OK 74119 

Budget Inn
(918) 358-3591
1209 W Caddo Street, Cleveland, OK 


Victorian Inn
(918) 358-3531
S Highway 64, Cleveland, OK 74020 


Boomtown Inn
(918) 352-2288
1103 E Broadway Street, Drumright, OK 74030 


Keystone Lake Motel
(918) 865-8850
37107 W Highway 51, Mannford, OK 74044